Trilennium owns the strategic thinking methodology CMR™.

CMR™ was produced in conjunction with General Electric and Canadian Aviation Electronics along with Trilennium’s Chief Acquisition Officer R.W. Harrison, who implemented CMR™ at Stantec Engineering (TSX: STN). Stantec expanded to 6,200 engineers and a $1.4 billion market capitalization. Trilennium has expanded on CMR™ for its mergers and acquisitions program.


        • CMR™ – Competency – Market – Relationships
        • CMR™ creates new markets that spot lucrative and accessible acquisitions.
        • CMR™ allows organizations to think through situation and develop a strategy to improve and exploit core competences, and direct these capabilities towards optimum available markets.
        • CMR™ also includes a financing strategy:  a bank line of credit is arranged; funds are invested into acquisitions; debt is sold to the bank’s pension and mutual funds; the line of credit is refreshed. The cycle is repeated until the program is completed.


Value Created Using CMR


Identifying Candidate Sectors for Consolidation

CMR™ uses the following indicators to define sectors ideal for consolidation:

  • No single-source suppliers
  • Business processes not streamlined
  • No industry leadership
  • Lacking in technology integration


Trilennium has identified the Social Purpose Sector as an ideal sector for consolidation.