Value Proposition

Trilennium is embarking on a consolidation and integration program of software and services in the Social Purpose Sector, (Non-profits, Charities, NGO’s, and Foundations) to create a comprehensive suite of digital and community based services. Its merger and acquisition strategy will integrate a number of independent business processes that will reduce Social Purpose Corporations’ operating costs, improve their efficiency and increase their access to funding. Together this operational change will allow Trilennium’s customers to spend more of their resources on their mission.


What follows, is a list of outcomes, which Trilennium will bring to the Social Purpose Sector.

1. Better Software Systems: by acquiring and integrating common business functions into scalable product suites. The combined Products & Services will be branded as Thinc Systems™

2. Better Funding – Outcome Engine: by acquiring a software solution that will create a “” like service between organizations looking to give grants and those organizations seeking grants. Trilennium’s Total Value Creation® methodology will help to create long term funding stability.

3. Better Access – Freemium: Trilennium will distribute free to all Social Purpose agencies an introductory version of Thinc Systems offering a high level of functionality and features. Organizations will be able to upgrade capacity with incremental subscription purchases. This will help Trilennium gain market traction and drive organic growth. The “Freemium” model will be supported by a select group of advertisers.

4. Better Operations – Thinc Centre: integrate acquired services into a shared Business Centre Model including Thinc Support and Thinc Service.

5. Better Data: Social Purpose Extended Business Modeling Language (Social Purpose XBML) – Trilennium will create, fund and lead a global organization to create a Social Purpose XBML, which allows all social purpose software vendors to use a common architecture in building their solutions.

6. Better Leadership: EDU – Executive Director University: Trilennium plans to create a leadership institute by acquiring a major private online university to develop and deliver world class curriculum, certification and accreditation in Social Purpose Sector leadership.

7. Better Financing: Leveraging the Power of the Marketplace: Trilennium will access the capital and public markets to bring structural change to the Social Purpose sector.